Alcostop-24: urgent care for residents and guests in Moscow

A lot of people visit Moscow: its numerous train stations and airports greet tens thousands of people every day. People come to see Moscow’s beautiful places, such as Kremlin, amazing temples and monasteries and numerous museums. But this June Moscow will host World Cup2018 . From June 14th till 27th Russian Capital will greet soccer (football) fans from all over the world. Every guest will feel himself at home: hundreds of hotels will open its doors for those, who need a place to stay. Tourists and guest can enjoy a meal in numerous Moscow restaurants. And of course, anybody can get needed help at the medical centers. Alcostop-24 is one of those medical centers. It is a therapeutic rehabilitation center, that offers high quality narcological services, and is open 24 hours 7 days a week for residents and guests.

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When does a person need narcological service?

People think that only addicts need help from narcologist. It is not true. In some cases, healthy person needs help too. The most common of those cases is the alcoholic intoxication.

For some people it is common to be drinking a lot of alcohol when on vacation. Consuming high doses of alcohol could easily lead to an alcoholic intoxication. Of course, it is possible to deal with such condition on your own but getting well could take some time.

So, while you are suffering in your hotel room with a headache, or even nausea and vomiting, you might miss out on your favorite team’s match. But you can avoid all the suffering by calling Alcostop-24 for help.
Our team of qualified specialists will arrive to any address in Moscow within 30 minutes of your call.

Other cases, that you might need help from narcological center are:

  • You have been consuming alcohol for a long period of time and cannot stop
  • You need to sober up quickly
What does treatment in Alcostop-24 center involves?

Our specialists are very experienced and are ready to provide comprehensive medical assistance to anybody, who suffers from alcohol or drug intoxication. The treatment plan is based on modern therapy protocols, that are approved and recommended by leading health organizations.

You have two treatment options:

  • You can call the number +7 (495) 241-63-97 and our emergency care team will come to your home or hotel room
  • You can come to our center and stay here for the duration of treatment which can take about 2 to 3 days

The amount of treatment you receive is about the same in both cases. But in some circumstances, when the condition is severe, it is preferable that you stay in our center. Our doctors can better follow your treatment, run necessary laboratory tests, and involve other specialists, if necessary.

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The similar methods are used to help you stop prolonged drinking, quick sober up and treat your hangover.

Patients examination, medical history

To assess patient’s condition, doctor carefully examines him, checks his blood pressure, his vitals, runs EKG. If possible, doctor determines, what health problems patient has had in the past, and what kind and how much alcohol was consumed. If patient is at our center, it is possible to run some urgent laboratory tests, such as blood and urine tests. This will help determine the severity of the condition.

And according to the test results doctor can make a treatment plan. Being that all specialists in Alcostop-24 center are experienced and have high qualifications, this process doesn’t take much time.


When ethanol enters our system, it absorbs into the bloodstream and has certain effect on us. Consuming low doses of alcohol will have pleasant effects. Person is in the good mood, feels comfortable, desires action and becomes talkative. In this stage of intoxication person slowly loses control of the situation. Gradually, as the alcohol intake increases, the effects will become unpleasant. When consuming high doses of alcohol our body loses its ability to remove toxins, which eventually leads to intoxication or poisoning.

Main goal of the treatment of alcoholic intoxication is to rid body of toxins. To achieve this, we use the process of detoxification or blood purification.

The process of detoxification is based on the use of medications, that help flush alcohol out of your body. To aid with this process following is used:

  • Diuretics
  • Group B vitamins that help support nervous and digestive systems
  • Medications that increase metabolism to help body flush alcohol out of the system
  • Medications that support cardiovascular system
  • Medications that help improve blood supply to the brain
  • Medications that prevent oxygen deficiency
  • Medications that support liver function
  • Sedatives (if necessary)

To provide relief as fast as possible the drugs are administered intravenously, by drip or by intramuscular injections.

Process of body rehydration

One of the consequences of alcoholic intoxication is dehydration. To restore body’s water balance process of rehydration is used, we use supplements that help restore water and PH balance (sodium chloride 0,9%).

During the intensive pharmacotherapy doctor stays near patient and closely controls the process. On average the treatment takes about 3 hours. By the end of it patient should feel much better. When all the necessary medications are administered, and you start feeling better, doctor will closely examine you to determine if you can be released from intensive care. If the treatment was done at home, doctor will leave required medications, so you can finish them on your own. Only then the medical crew will leave your house.

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Alcostop-24 Detoxification with the use of medical equipment

During your stay at our center, we can offer you treatment that involves the use of special medical equipment. Occasionally we can offer that kind of treatment at home. It is highly efficient and safe.


This is highly effective method of blood cleansing that is done by filtration of toxins from your blood. This procedure can only be done at our center.

Plasmapheresis can be used if patient is experiencing severe hangover or abstinence syndrome.

Plasmapheresis session takes about 1,5 hours, then patient rests for 30 to 40 minutes. This procedure has many effects on the body:

  • It improves liver function
  • Rids body of toxins
  • Helps relieve discomfort
  • Decreases possibility of blood clots
  • Supports immune system
  • Improves blood circulation of the brain.

Xenon therapy

This method is based on the inhalation of the mix of oxygen and xenon. Xenon has pain relieving and calming effects. It blocks the stimulation of the receptors, that leads to nerve cell damage. This way Xenon protects brain cells, which then helps improve memory, intellect and emotional state of the patient.

Suggested use is severe abstinence syndrome. This procedure can be done both at home or at the center. To get the best results it is recommended to receive 5 to 10 sessions.

Blood irradiation therapy

This is a procedure in which the blood is exposed to low level laser light to help flush toxins out. This procedure can only be done at our center.

The effects of blood irradiation therapy are:

  • Stimulation of immune response
  • Decreases platelet aggregation (stops blood clots)
  • Improves metabolism.

Blood irradiation therapy is part of complex treatment and can be used to treat different conditions. One of those conditions is severe hangover. For optimal results it is recommended to undergo series of treatments.

Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UVBI)

The procedure of UV blood irradiation has complex therapeutic effect:

  • Relieves pain syndrome
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves immune response
  • Increases blood supply to organs and systems
  • Improves metabolism
  • Improves blood count
  • Helps expand blood vessels, lowers blood pressure.

UV blood irradiation can only be done at our center. The procedure is done in case of abstinent syndrome or severe hangover. For best results it is recommended to undergo series of treatments.

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Why choose Alcostop-24?

Why should I choose Alcostop-24 center, you will ask? It is a good question to ask, when you choose a medical center. Because your health, or even life, depends on the choice that you make.

Medical narcological center should meet a number of requirements:

Medical practices license
Alcostop-24 center is licensed to provide narcological medical services
Highly qualified doctors and nurses
Alcostop-24 doctors and nurses are highly qualified and have years of experience working with patients
Modern equipment
All our equipment at Alcostop24 center is up to date which allows us to deliver comprehensive medical assistance
At Alcostop24 center you can feel yourself at home. Our personnel are kind and understanding. Our rooms are newly refinished and nicely furnished. And We guarantee absolute anonymity.

To receive our comprehensive or, if necessary, urgent care in Moscow, all you need is to dial +7 (495) 241-63-97. And within half an hour you will be in care of best specialists. You can rely on Alcostop24 and know that you can party hard, celebrating your favorite soccer (football) team.

Stay healthy!